I would like to create a society in which children can decide their own paths independently, without being influenced by their environment.

I like to go abroad and have been involved with children in developing countries through various activities.
Children’s perspectives have always expanded my world.

Some children in developing countries may have been less fortunate than others in terms of opportunities to learn and play.
However, I believe that children living in such an environment are geniuses who transform everyday objects into tools for study and play, and create new things out of limited resources.

By expanding these children’s options for the future, wouldn’t you like to see what they can create in the world and the story of their future lives?

Children are curious and free thinkers.
By building a bridge to their future, we want to bring out their free ideas together.

Saphan Co.
CEO Shiori Sakuda

Company Overview

Company NameSaphan Co.
OfficerCEO Shiori Sakuda
EstablishmentMay 23, 2022
Capital Stock500,000JPY
Our businessManufacture and sale of food products
Location5-8-12, Makami-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1121, Japan


Established Saphan Co.


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