Japanese seniors x Ban 9 school children exchange meeting

We held an online exchange meeting between the children of Ban 9 School, a school for immigrant children in Thailand, and Alakan School, a zoom class group for seniors run by Ms. Tamai of the Japan Senior Smartphone School Association!

I talked about Thailand, the children, coffee, etc., in the hope that the seniors could feel a little bit of overseas and that I could bring a part of Thailand to them, even though it is a niche world. One of them told us that he had stayed in Thailand 30 years ago and that it had been a long time since they had felt overseas!

For the children, it was their first experience to interact with Japanese seniors, so they nervously introduced themselves one by one and performed a dance they had prepared as a surprise for the seniors.

The children looked so cute as they tried their best to show off their dance performance wearing Myanmar traditional costumes that were different from the ones they usually wear today.

It was a time when I realized once again that even though it is difficult to have a conversation in a language, dance can be a universal communication tool, and that no matter how old we are, we can all have a fun journey together by connecting online in this way.

I hope this exchange was a good experience for both the Japanese seniors and the Thai children.

I hope that we can continue to create various opportunities for all children to experience various things regardless of their environment, such as this exchange event connecting Japan and Thailand online, in addition to the coffee experience ✨.

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