Japanese children x Ban 9 School children exchange meeting

We held an online exchange meeting between Japanese children and immigrant children from Ban 9 school in Thailand!

This was the third exchange meeting with ASTRUSIA KIDS CLUB, and this time we had an exchange with immigrant children from Myanmar.

After introducing themselves to each other, the Japanese children explained about Japan to the immigrant children.

After that, they made paper airplanes together and played together.

When the Japanese children tried to teach them how to make paper airplanes with origami, the immigrant children taught them how to make them with A4 paper.

The Japanese children learned a new way to make paper airplanes and played with them a lot (^^)

I hope this exchange was a good experience for both the Japanese and Thai children.

In addition to the coffee experience, we will continue to create various opportunities such as this online exchange with Japanese children so that all children can have a variety of experiences regardless of their environment ✨.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested in having an exchange event with immigrant children.

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