Immigrant School Material Support

From 12/12~12/15, I visited 11 immigrant schools and delivered needed items to each school. This time, 9 out of 11 schools requested trash cans, 1 school requested drink bottles, and 1 school requested whiteboards.

Migrant schools have a special educational curriculum, with a process from kindergarten to high school, so children of all ages spend time in the same school. Therefore, items in migrant schools are designed to be used together by children of all ages.

For example, when placing trash cans, they should be high enough that even a 3-year-old child can throw away the trash, the lid should not have to be lifted, and they should be colorful and make it fun to throw them away.

There are still many items missing from the migrant school, so although it will be temporary, I hope that by gradually replenishing the supplies with profits from coffee sales, we can create an environment where children can learn at least as much as they need to learn.

I will continue to support one of our activities through coffee, which is to provide supplies necessary for school operations, by comparing the list of necessary items with the budget and continuing to make the school as sustainable as possible.

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