Mountain Tribe Set

We have decided to collaborate with bondoi, a shop dealing in goods from the hill tribes of Thailand!

Contents of collaboration
Hill tribe set
Akha or Lisu coaster and Karen coffee drinking set. ☕️

About bondoi
บนดอย [bon-doi].
In Northern Thai language, bon = up, doi = mountain
The literal translation is “on top of the mountain”.
For the mountain people, mountain folk, it is a word to describe the world they live in.
the word represents the world they live in.
The word “bon-doi” means
bring you the handiwork and smiles of the mountain people.
We deliver work and smiles to the mountain people.
We purchase through fair trade organizations
or directly from the hill tribe people.
We hope to contribute to the mountain people’s livelihood and the inheritance of their traditional skills.
We hope that we can contribute to the life of the hill tribes and the inheritance of their traditional skills…

This is a set of Akha or Lisu coasters and 3 different drip packs of Saphan coffee.
You will not know which coaster is in the set until you receive it!
We also recommend using it as a gift.
Coaster size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm

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