Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Gifts

We collaborated with a flower shop who does not have a store.
We made a coffee and mini bouquet set gift for coffee lovers moms and dads!

Product Summary
Saphan coffee
[Production area] Chiang Mai, Thailand
[Farm name] Huaysompoi village
[Elevation] 1200-1400m
[Variety] Arabica species
[Contents] 100g
[Process] Natural
[Roasting] medium +
[Cultivation] No pesticide chemical fertilizer used
[Package] Designed with sunflowers in the flower language “Make you happy” with the meaning of being a bridge between children and farmers and people who drink coffee and making both sides happy ☕
It is a flower shop that does not have a store.
A flower that you want to reward yourself
We will deliver flowers that you will want to give to someone.
We carefully select flowers with the thoughts of our customers.
I hope that the encounter with flowers will be wonderful.

※The flowers in the photo are images. Please leave the flower material to us. We will select the recommendations at that time.

Mini bouquet
Length about 25 cm x width about 15 cm
It depends on the flower material.
The deadline for each schedule is one week in advance.

I would be happy if the person whose moms and dads love coffee can choose coffee beans with a gentle taste roasted to Japanese taste and mini bouquets full of feelings as gifts ♪

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