Japanese children x Ban Hat Lek School children exchange meeting

We had an online exchange meeting between Japanese children and migrant children from Ban Hat Lek school in Thailand!

For the second exchange meeting with ASTRUSIA KIDs CLUB, the children interacted with immigrant children from Cambodia.

Ban Hat Lek school is located on the Cambodian border in Thailand and 80% of the students are immigrant children from Cambodia.

After introducing themselves and their favorite things to each other, the Japanese children explained about Japan to the immigrant children.

The children, who had never been to an exchange meeting with children from other countries before, were very shy at first, but in the end they got used to it and introduced Thai festivals and food to the Japanese children.

We hope this exchange will be a good experience for both the Japanese and Thai children.

In addition to the coffee experience, we will continue to create various opportunities such as online exchanges with Japanese children in the future so that all children can have a variety of experiences regardless of their environment ✨

If there are an organisation that would like to have an exchange event with immigrant children, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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