Visitting coffee farm

I visited a coffee farm to discuss the next harvest!

For me, this is a place I love so much that I would even be happy if I could come here, even if the business I am putting all my energy into is not going well (^^).

The Karen people are really cool people, not only for coffee, they are self-sufficient in everything, they can make fire, they can make medicine from herbs, they can tame buffaloes, they are too strong to live in the nature!
I have always admired the Karen people for their strength and resilience, and I want to be as strong as them in every situation!

Grandmother, whom I have never been able to speak to because I don’t speak her language, always teaches me so many things (^^).

When I come to this place, I feel that I can do my best to bring coffee, which is made in such a wonderful place by such wonderful people, to even more people than before! I also want to expand the activities at the migrant school, another place I love, through the products I made with everyone!

In the great nature of the village, I have promised myself that I will go back to Japan and do my best to fulfil the role I can play now!

I will continue to do my best to deliver delicious Thai coffee to you, the people who always drink our coffee (^^).

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