Japanese food x Myanmar food lunch project

We are doing a lunch project to provide school lunches at one of the 12 schools we are involved with starting in September 2022.

In December, I went to survey the results of the 3-month project and for the first time I was able to experience the project onsite! And for one day only, We made a special lunch of a combination of Japanese curry and Myanmar curry (^^)

The Lunch Project was created with the goal of preventing children from dropping out of school due to going to work with their parents on a daily basis to provide food for the family every day, although it has only been three months,
The number of children who are able to go to school every day has increased.
The number of children who are able to go to school every day has increased.
The children’s weight has increased.
The results have been very positive.

In order to help families without work, we have hired several parents of children to prepare school lunches on a daily rotation basis, so that the school teachers do not have to do additional work.

I was so happy to see the mothers, who are asked to take lunch duty on a rotating basis, happily cooking, the children happily sitting at the table after class, the younger and older students getting along with each other and eating together, and all the other things that make the place what it is. I was very happy and deeply moved!

I thought I would do my best to continue the lunch project at 11 other schools so that we can continue it for a long time to come.

By creating opportunities and experiences for children in a sustainable way through our business, and by building a foundation for their future,
I would be more than happy if I could stay close to the children and watch their never-ending story of change in their future lives.

I am happy that this day became a good memory for the children who ate Japanese food for the first time.

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