Thai Coffee Tasting Party at Working holiday café 【2021.11】

On November 14, 2021, a Saphan coffee tasting party was held at Working holiday café, a global alumni association to lower the hurdles for working holiday and study abroad held regularly in Osaka .

Coffee is currently sold in 1.2 cups of trial packs in Japan and 250g / bag in Thailand.

A product completed after 2.3 months with a Karen farmer.

While I couldn’t travel to thailand because of Covid-19, I took advantage of my strength as a Japanese person, asked about 60 people in Japan to sample and collect data, and cooperated with farmers to adjust the roasting condition to Japanese taste.

It was my first time to have an offline tasting party because of Covid-19, but it was a valuable time for me to have a drink in front of me, to hear frank impressions on the spot, and to talk directly about the actual area.

Together with Karen farmers, we will continue to work hard to promote Saphan coffee so that we can create the first example to expand future options for immigrant children!

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