Coffee bean harvesting

The process of making coffee beans begins with hand-picking each coffee cherry.

Thai coffee is harvested from December to January every year.

The coffee tree is located at an altitude of 1200m to 1400m.

As you can see, the scaffolding is very bad. I almost fell down many times.

Look at each coffee cherry and harvest only the good ones.

The fun during the harvest is eating coffee berries! The fruit of coffee has a different taste, and it’s really delicious! There are various types such as sweet, sweet and sour, and sour. Coffee juice can also be a little hydration for harvesting in the heat.

It was harder than I expected, and since I knew this, I was overwhelmed by the gratitude to the coffee farmers.

Unstable incomes of coffee farmers have been frequently questioned in many places, especially since the SDGs began to be promoted.

Through Saphan coffee, I would like to not only expand children’s future options, but also improve the issues of coffee farmers.

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