Saphan coffee birth story

When I wanted to approach the two causes of unstable employment of children, the lack of career education and the lack of regular employment, I was looking for something that was familiar to many people and would be a gateway.

It was an year ago.

I like coffee, and when I was thinking about that while drinking coffee that day, when I looked up the amount of coffee consumed, it was common in Japan and Thailand, and I thought coffee is familiar to many people in Japan and Thailand.

Tak Province is located in the northern part of Thailand, and I had heard that coffee cultivation is popular in Northern Thailand, so I started looking for coffee farmers in Tak Province from then.

When I asked the graduates of the immigration school who cooperated with the hearing, the staff of the NGO who runs the immigration schools, and the teachers of the immigration school, I heard by an acquaintance of the teacher of the immigration school that there is a man who is roasting in Tak prefecture. I immediately contacted him.

“I would like you to cooperate because I want to solve the unstable employment of immigrant children through coffee that is familiar to many people.”

It was Watt, a Karen coffee farmer who is now making Saphan coffee with me, who immediately liked my proposal.

Covid-19 prevented me from traveling to Thailand, so we interacted remotely.

I asked Watt to send coffee to Japan, and I sent him the data that I got from various people drinking coffee in Japan, and adjusted it to the taste that we think Japanese people like.

Saphan coffee just started.

“Saphan” means “bridge” in Thai,

Will be a “bridge” between children and the future through coffee

Will be a “bridge” between Thailand and Japan through coffee

We put above meaning in Saphan coffee.

As the name suggests, it becomes a “bridge” step by step, even little by little.

We want to follow the path to “a society where children can decide their own path without being influenced by the environment”!

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