Life of Karen people

Saphan coffee is affiliated with a Karen coffee farmer and has a fair trade with them.

The Karen are one of the hill tribes of Thailand.

Thailand has many hill tribes and its structure is very complicated. It is said that there are more than 10 types of Karen people, including the famous Kayan people. It seems that they themselves do not know how many types will be officially divided.

Karen people live a self-sufficient life.

Coffee farmers grow not only coffee but also rice, avocado, lettuce, blueberries, etc.

There are also many cows for dairy farming.

And They have an average of 5-10 buffalo per household, which we rarely see in Japan. When harvesting rice, there is no machine like in Japan, so it seems that buffalos will harvest it with their horns. Buffalos listen to people very well because they usually exercise and feed grass to make them stronger during the harvest season.

The photo shows the owner of Buffalo with buffaloes when he said “Yes, become a circle!”

And, these are the buffaloes when she said, “Yes, walk in a row!”

The more I know about the lives of Karen people, the more interesting I am!

Through Saphan coffee, I think it would be fun to be able to tell about the Karen people who are still unknown (^^ ♪)

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