Orphanage at Bangkok(Noi’s Orphanage)

Ban Kru Noi Playground located in Rat Burana in Bangkok.

Here, a woman, called Noi, was managed by individuals.

Because they were operated by individuals, they can not receive enough public assistance, take the problem of operating funds, and after overall closure crises, now they are no longer operated as an orphanage, but It is still a place where children are getting together.

Children here don’t have parents, so everyone in the area cooperates and raising children.

Even in Japan, I have been promoting little by little to grow children in region, and I think this place is developed in such aspects.

Even if the pedigree is not connected, the upper child is taking care of the lower child’s, and where it has been a long time to grow children throughout the region, There is always a lot of discoveries that make a warmth.

I think that I would like to make the roasted area of ​​Saphan Coffee of Bangkok in the future, and I think that children here also will have roasted experiences.

For the time being, I would like to donate a part of the coffee’s sales to the orphanage here, and I want to rebuild an orphanage.

Everyone in Bangkok, please visit once (^ ^)

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