Thai Coffee Tasting Party at Aroi Chin Chin [May 2022]

On May 14, 2022, we held a Saphan coffee tasting party at Aroi chin chin, a Thai restaurant in Fukushima, Osaka.

Saphan coffee was created as a familiar entrance for many people in Japan and Thailand with the aim of approaching the two social issues of disparity in opportunities for children and unstable income of coffee farmers.

We aim to create career education and employment for children through fair trade coffee from Karen farmers, a minority ethnic group in Thailand.

Our coffee is currently sold here in Japan and will soon be available in Thailand on LINE @.

After 2.3 months of interaction with Karen farmers, the product was completed by adjusting the roasting condition so that it would have a refreshing taste by taking advantage of the unique acidity of Thai coffee.

 It was a precious time to have a drink in front of me and hear frank impressions on the spot.

This year, I would like to increase the opportunities for many people to try it first.

Next time on May 29th, we are planning to hold a tasting party like this one at lunchtime twice a month after June, so even if you couldn’t come this time, I hope you will come to the next opportunity (^^ ♪)

We will continue to work with Karen farmers to promote Saphan coffee so that we can create the first example to expand future options for immigrant children!

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