Field survey of 11 migrant schools

We have conducted a survey of the 11 schools we are involved with and held meetings with local NGO staff! This time, the main topics of the meeting were to update each school on the missing items, the rate of students going on to higher education, and the new project that will start this year.

There are so many problems here that I could spend my whole life trying to solve, and every time I go, I realise how difficult it is to “teach people how to fish instead of giving them fish”, which is often said and understood by everyone.

In a world where there is no right answer, even if I can only make progress little by little, by accumulating the small things I am working on now, I can create an opportunity for the children of migrants I am involved with to think about their future and create an environment where they can learn the minimum necessary for their future, as much as I can each time. I hope to expand the options for as many children as possible.

I admire children who have ideas and perspectives that I don’t have, and every time I spend time with them, it’s so precious, stimulating and fresh for me, I never get tired of watching them. Now, while still knowing and being involved, they say, “I can’t promise that we will improve. But I promise I will try with you and not give up.” It is incredibly frustrating that all I can do now is talk about the projects I can propose based on the premise that “I can’t promise that it will improve, but I promise I will try with you without giving up”, but I believe that by continuing for a long, thin process, we can change things a little bit (^^).

The situation is still difficult due to the civil war in Myanmar and other factors, but it was a valuable time for me to go back to my starting point and show me many new worlds again.

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