Migrant children from Laos home visit

I went to Laos for a home visit to the children of immigrants from Laos who were home for a long holiday!

I had not been involved with the Lao children since about six months ago, when I gave them a toothbrush set during half term, and this was the first time I had visited their place.

I had been texting with them for a long time and there was so much I didn’t know about the migrant children from Laos who had come to Thailand to work, so going there and seeing them with my own eyes, hearing them for myself and experiencing them for myself helped me to understand a bit more and cleared up what I didn’t understand before, so it was a great time.

I spoke directly with the local teachers and proposed a project of making sundry goods as something I could do immediately.

The project I proposed is still just underway and it is not yet decided when we will be able to officially announce it, but it is a first initiative for them and for me, so I would like to be patient and keep working on it!

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