Occupations of Immigrants

Most of the immigrants from Myanmar to Thailand work on a daily basis.

For example, factory workers, construction workers, field workers, maids, etc.

It seems that there are many hard work such as factory workers and construction workers for men, and field work and maids for women.

When I interviewed 10 day laborers about what kind of employer employs immigrants from Myanmar, they are kind people who teach me their work carefully, hard-working people, people who always help them, The answer was that they were good people overall.

Immigrants traveling from one country to another because they do not have a job or cannot earn enough income in their own country are always at risk of “returning home without a sentence” and the risk of not finding a job. Considering that they are coming to work with the determination to avoid and maintain the status quo, they have problems such as insufficient income and anxiety about having a job every day, but I’m glad that they met  good employers.

One of the implications for children of immigrant is the lack of career education.

Since parents of children work on a daily basis, there are currently few opportunities for children to learn about various professions from familiar adults while attending immigration school, and there is no opportunity to think about the future.

First of all, through coffee, we will apply the roasting process and harvesting of coffee to children’s work experience so that children can know and experience one job called “agriculture” while attending school. We are creating an opportunity to think about what they want to do in the future.

In the future, we would like to have work experience in other fields as well.

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