Ban 9 school

I visited Ban 9 school, one of the migrant schools in Tak province in thailand.

Located in the mountains of Poppla, Tak Province, a school without electricity or running water, with 47 children ages 5 to 13, most of whom live at the school because they have no parents. The children are being raised by three teachers, including the principal, and several of the children have parents who have built houses and live on the school grounds.

The local support for migrant schools is provided by NGOs, and the approximately 60 migrant schools in Tak Province are usually operated under the support of some NGO. However, there are some schools, such as this school, that are not supported by any NGO. Knowing that there are such schools, I went to visit them to see how they differ from other migrant schools and what we can do to help them.

Tak Province, where the immigrant schools are located, has more different stories from more different backgrounds than you can imagine. Every time I come here, I am exposed to new stories that give me a lot to think about. I hope that by telling these stories and working together with those who are willing to help, even if I can’t change anything right away, I can make the future of these truly wonderful children a little better in the near future than it is now 😌.

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